On 15th January we released C3M Cloud Control 4.0

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The key highlights of this release are:

CSPM (Cloud Security & Posture Management):

User Management
RBAC – The support for RBAC controls at the account group level. You can limit the access of users and administrators to a specific account group(s). Users can also set their default view across all C3M Dashboards by selecting their preferred cloud accounts or account groups.

Security Governance

CQL on AWS Policy Conditions – You can define CQLs on the conditions in Policy Statements.
E.g., CMK should not have policyStatement with [condition with [operator = ‘Bool’ and opKey = ‘kms:GrantIsForAWSResource’ and opValue = ‘true

Enriched Resource-Specific View – You can see both predefined and custom policy alerts for each violating resource.

New Policies – Added new policies on GCP, AWS, and Azure.


GCP Playbooks –  GCP playbooks support to extend our SOAR offering. You can leverage our predefined actions and configure auto-remediations for GCP policy violations. Playbooks are based on a serverless framework, and you need to deploy the remediation module in a designated GCP project.

Usability Enhancements

CIEM (Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management):


New IAM Overview Dashboard – Visibility into your IAM specific alerts, privileged identities, over-provisioned members, broad access resources, top 5 IAM alerts, and much more.

GCP IAM Recommender Integration
Custom Alert rules on IAM Events – You can define custom alert rules on IAM events and their attributes and notify respective stakeholders on violations.

For more details please reach out to us info@c3m.io

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