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Date : Thursday, Jul 29, 2021 10 AM CEST
Identifying and Prioritising Risks in the Public Cloud
Protecting the enterprise and its connected digital supply chain from sophisticated cyber-attacks is hard and tricky. Merely identifying the risks doesn’t help, the security teams should be able to prioritise risk and take action in an orderly manner.
According to a recent survey- “Only 23.2% of threat alerts were even real, meaning that 76.8% were false positives. And, 31.9% of analysts don’t pay attention to alerts anymore because of the sheer number of false alarms”.
Security teams should be able to quickly detect, investigate, triage, and resolve high-risk, high-impact vulnerabilities in less time.
Major challenges organisations face today are:
  • Huge number of false positives
  • Inability to prioritize alerts
  • Lack of context from cloud alerts
  • Difficulty in identifying risks associated
  • Inability to review the impact of an alert
Date : Tuesday, Aug 10, 2021 10 AM CEST
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