A CEO to CEO Conversation

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On-Demand Webinar Recorded On : Wednesday 28th April – 10.30 am EST or 4.30 pm CEST
A CEO to CEO Conversation

Digital Transformation Success: Securing Cloud and Mobile at Speed & Scale

At the core of most digital transformation projects are cloud + mobile. Pushing client engagement and employee workflow to the edge means delivering a first-class mobile experience, using innovations available on modern mobile devices full of sensors and interactive capabilities. The cloud provides distributed processing close to the edge, with dynamic capacity to scale while bridging new and legacy systems. Sadly, more than half of digital transformation projects are delayed or break down, frequently because executives fail to proactively address the myriad of security, privacy, performance and resiliency risks inherent in these projects.

Join this live CEO to CEO video conversation with Alan Snyder, CEO NowSecure, and Paddy Viswanathan, CEO of C3M, for a hearty discussion on cloud + mobile digital transformation successes and failures. In this executive-worthy conversation, learn best practices from client projects through these two experts in mobile app security and mobile cloud security. With live Q&A, ask your tough questions to gain insights from their experiences that you can put to work immediately.

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