C3M Bolsters Commitment to South Africa with POPIA Compliance

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First local country compliance support from global cloud security provider

14th July 2021, San Francisco, CA – C3M, a leader in Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) and Cloud Identity and Entitlement Management (CIEM) has today announced it supports POPIA (The Protection of Personal Information Act), helping to ensure enterprise cloud infrastructures stay complaint with the new legislation and further demonstrating its investment in, and dedication to, the market in South Africa.

C3M supports numerous industry compliance standards, but POPIA becomes the first time the company has provided support for a country specific regulation highlighting the importance of South Africa to the cloud security provider.

The pandemic has demanded that many employees work from home leading to an ever more distributed workplace, with enterprise plans to migrate to the cloud expediated to better support the remote workforce. With this new model of working comes new security risks with many companies unaware of their poor security posture. With 99% of misconfigurations in the public cloud going unnoticed, non-compliance is a serious concern. C3M overcomes the challenges of enterprises achieving POPIA compliance in the cloud with automatic and continuous monitoring of risks in the cloud infrastructure.

“These are complex times for enterprises as they migrate to working in the cloud and have to manage and solve growing security issues while remaining compliant. C3M is a global company, but our support for POPIA not only shows we have the ability and agility to respond to local compliance standards, but how important South Africa is to C3M,” said Paddy Viswanathan, CEO and Founder, C3M. “Supporting POPIA is a significant milestone for the company for the first time addressing a country specific compliance regulation and helping enterprises in the local environment stay cloud compliant, protecting people, staff and data.”

“C3M has unequivocally demonstrated its loyalty to our local market and the channel. Their development of a unique POPIA dashboard for our South African customers and resellers has reinforced their long-term commitment to bring solutions that are both market-relevant and leading edge to our region,” said Mark van Vuuren, Product Director, Corr-Serve, distributor of C3M in South Africa. “We believe this commitment and our strong partnership holds us in good stead to deliver great value to the South African market in the Cloud Security and Posture Management space.”

C3M’s compliance engine supports industry best compliance standards and regulations including FedRamp, GDPR, HITRUST, PCI, NIST, CIS, POPIA and other custom frameworks to help enterprises stay compliant with the ever-evolving security standards and regulations.

About C3M
C3M, LLC is a San Francisco headquartered Cloud Security solutions provider. C3M’s Cloud Control is a 100% Agent-less, API based, cloud-native security solution that offers organisations complete cloud control through automated security intelligence, giving them actionable insights into the cloud, its security, and infrastructure, while also auto-remediating any security violations it detects. C3M Access Control helps enterprises gain complete control over identities and infrastructure entitlements, and right size identity privileges.


About Corr-Serve
Corr-Serve provides intelligent solutions for today’s digital complexities, unrelenting innovation and continuous business risk and security threats. The company’s solutions interpret security, performance and governance data, harnessing the power of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for analytics that make sense of the digital noise.


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