Feature List- Release 3.2.0

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C3M is pleased to announce release 3.2.0 of the C3M Cloud Control platform. This release includes several new and enhanced capabilities including platform customization, contextual reports, alerts, account grouping, customize the security best practices package, extended policy coverage for GCP and new APIs.


Ability to brand the C3M Cloud Control platform and PDF Reports. Customers and Partners can customize the logos, color, font, templates etc based on their organization specific branding guidelines


Executive Summary Report
An overview of the cloud security posture for the Board, CISOs and Senior Leadership

Custom Report
Customized report for any cloud account or account groups

Reporting Experience
Single pane of glass view for all scheduled reports and generated reports

Report Formats
> PDF reports for all report types
> Excel format for Compliance Summary and Compliance Details reports


A dashboard to gain a graphical summary of all alerts with their severity, age ec., across single or multiple cloud environments

Alerts Screen
A centralized hub to view all the alerts, alert IDs, associated policies, resources, age, region, status

Alerts Details
Simplifies the experience of viewing and managing alerts, by providing the following key features:

Account Groups

AWS / GCP / Azure Best Practices Modification

Enable/Disable Compliance Standards

Ability to enable / disable compliance packages based on the industry, geography, security maturity.

Updated Inventory Dashboard

Addition of new widgets highlighting the 4 main segments in Cloud Security – Compute, Storage, IAM, Networks. This brings in the ability for cloud administrators to see resource counts and compliance in an organization across each of these categories.

New APIs

GCP New Policies

Support for policies on new resource types

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